Getting Around in Tangier

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Tangier transportation is something you must consider in order to visit the all the nooks and crannies this wonderful seaside city has to offer.  Tangiers is an interesting melting pot of North African, Spanish and French cultures. Tourists love Tangiers because of its uncorrupted beaches, scenic vistas, the aura of exotic mystery that the place exudes, and its friendly people.

Petit Taxis

When in Tangiers, one of the modes of transportation that you can opt to use is the petit taxis. Petit taxis have special stops inside the city, where they can wait for paying passengers. However, if you do see an unoccupied cab passing by, you can flag it down. Petit taxis are so called because of their size. The state of the taxi is a bit shabby and some are in disrepair.

Hiring the Taxis

In hiring a taxi, you need to pay for the whole trip and one taxi can seat a capacity of four passengers only. At times, the driver may actually ask you if it’s okay to pick up another passenger going your way. Some petit taxis have metered fares and some don’t, so you need to talk about a fixed price in advance before getting in the cab.

Here are some key names in the local dialect to make riding and fare haggling easier. The beach is known as Playa, the main thoroughfare is called the Boulevard, the golf course and race track is termed as California, the residential area, Idrissia, and the thieves market is the Casa Barata.

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