Festivals in Tangier

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Tangier festivals aim to unite the people of Tangier and proudly celebrate its culture and arts. 

To Promote National Solidarity

The Amazigh Festival of Tangier is a festival conceptualized to gain awareness of the Amazigh culture in Morocco. This festival happens annually in the month of August through the initiation of the Touiza Association to promote national solidarity and cultural awareness. Amazigh is the national language of the Moroccan, and the Amazigh Festival aims to increase language awareness as a key to building national identity. There are poetry readings, discussion panels, theatre and art shows, and other activities that highlight the Amazigh language. To conclude the event, well-known Amazigh-speaking music artists and famous celebrities unite together and perform on the concert stage.

Jazz do it!

The Tangier Jazz Festival, or popularly known as “Tanjazz”, is an annual celebration in Tangier and has been since 2000. This festival invites excellent music performers from around the world to come and celebrate the Tangier Jazz Festival. On the months of May or June, your ears will be stimulated with several of soothing jazz music. There are lots of concerts at various venues to be held. Some of the activities included are parties, dances, exhibitions, and jazz jam sessions. These parties and music sessions end until dawn of the next day. There are also film screening about Jazz music and its history that happens during the celebration.

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