Eating Out in Tangier

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Tangier restaurants prepare both local and international cuisine with an excellent service at a low price. You should be aware that the traditional restaurants in Tangier do not serve alcohol. If you want to drink wine, you are advised to check with the restaurant in advance. There are international restaurants that can provide you a glass of wine.

Alcohol Free

L’ Marsa is a restaurant in Tangier located at the Avenue D’Espagne. This restaurant serves excellent international food and traditional Moroccan dishes. They prepare good food such as pizzas, kebabs, steaks, and salads. This is an excellent place to dine in. However, they do not serve alcohol.

Free Entertainment

Hammadi’s Restaurant is a restaurant in Tangier that is located in Medina. This restaurant serves a variety of excellent food. Their specialty is the lamb dishes. You should try their tajime, a Moroccan dish made of mutton and vegetable. They also have a welcoming staff that provides fast and quality service. Hammadi’s restaurant also has a nice atmosphere and provides entertainment to guests. This is why this restaurant is very famous. Groups of musicians perform in front of the guests and go around the tables after the performance for tips. The food here ranges from USD$12 to USD$20. With excellent food, good service, and a wonderful atmosphere filled with music, the money you pay will be wisely spent.

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