Day Trips in Tangier

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Tangier has a long History and a Presence through the time. Once you arrive to Tangier by boat or by fast ferry, the first thing to do is to hire a local guide (has a badge with his photo from the ministry of tourism) or Is best to Let a local person from TourByLocals be your private tour guide. to Contact one before your arrival and make an agreement about the kind of tour and the price for it, Contact:

If you have the all day ask your guide to take you for a driving tour to the California site and the mountain(where you ill see many royal palaces and other celebrities' home from all over the world,and the site for the Camels, then to Cap spartel and Hercules caves(prehistorical site).

Drive to the Casbah for a walking tour into the Medina with it famous narrow streets an it Souks (Berber Markets). It is a unique and exceptional destination. In addition to its geographical and tourist attractions, the region of Tangier has always been a highly valued destination.

With its natural assets, considered to be rather specific, Tangier keeps charming its visitors. You find mountains, sea, historical and natural sites. In other words, a mixture of different things that makes from Tangier heavens on earth.

As a gateway to Europe, Tangier overhangs proudly the Mediterranean Sea, at the meeting of the Sea and the Ocean and at the crossroads between the North and the South. From this geostrategic position, the city of Tangier has taken its cosmopolitanism.

Several cultures, nationalities, religions and languages intersect. Its Medina, with Hispano-Moorish buildings, its numerous museums, its flourished gardens, its paths or venues, etc… are a good evidence. Its charms and spells, which have inspired the famous painters, poets, novelists and film-makers are added to that.

It is in Tangier that Eugene Delacroix has rediscovered the romanticism and Henri Matisse has learn the alchemy of colors. It is also in Tangier that Williams Burroughs has written-le festin nu (the naked feast) and that Paul Bowles has created-Un the au Sahara (Tea in Sahara). It is equally in Tangier that Paul Morand has been exiled and Jean Genet has found the soil of his eternal rest.

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Tangier for one day

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Even if Tangier is a City without famous highlights or must see's, the city is great for a half a day visit - or of course longer.

Arriving from the Ferry Port, Tangier is easy to visit. You can see the whole town in less than 5 hours.

But Tangier is 'par excellence' a City to just wander and wonder, have a tea, a Couscous, or stop at the Charming handicrafts shops & traditional Berber Souks/Markets!

a Delicious Moroccan Cuisine is also recommended in Tangier.. We give below some of the popular restaurants in each category, where food more..

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Private Guided Tour Tangier-Morocco

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Morocco day trip (self-drive) You drive to Tarifa, catch the ferry to Tangiers and meet your personal guide off the ferry to start your private Tangiers tour (includes Ferry and lunch) Adults € 65 Children €55

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You need to drive to Tarifa port (directions provided) and from there you will leave the car and take the fast ferry by foot more..

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address:22, Ave, Espagne


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Once in Spain, and if you have never been to Morocco, Africa, don’t let pass this occasion without visiting Tangier, from Tarifa ,there's a link by fast ferries every two hours and it takes only 35mn to arrive, the ideal is to arrive in the morning and return back at the afternoon after a complete visit which includes "La nouvelle Ville" built by Europeans by the end of the 19 century, this tour includes a drive to the french,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese,English, and American squares, when Tangier was under the international statute (1923-1956).
The next step is a drive to more..

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Tangier Old and New- Day Tour

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This exciting one day tour of both the old and new sections of Tangier-Morocco lets you see all of the City's highlights in one day, making it a perfect city tour for travelers without a lot of time. The day tours highlights include the wonderful costal city of Assilah(home to ancient Roman ruins, stunning grottos and beautiful beaches). This one day tour takes you to the site of one of the most passionate historical stories in the region of Tangier. This is a perfect option for travelers with limited time in Morocco. for more infi or to make booking arrangements, email: more..

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