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The Best Things to See and Do on a Tangier Cruise

This city is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and if you get on the right Tangier cruises, you'll be sure to have the time of your life enjoying the stunning beach, market, gardens and architecture.

The Chill Out Zone

Not many cities can boast of such a pristine beach. Famous visitors have graced its shores, from Joe Orton to Tennessee Williams, and even today, there is a strong expat community. Although many of the delights have become a tad commercialized (pricey camel rides etc.), you can still find a secluded spot to wile away the hours drinking, swimming, reading or snoozing. When the sun sets, you can hit the night spots and still get back to the boat in time to continue on your Tangier cruises. Please take care on the beach, however, because muggings are quite common. Stay near the main drag and don't go too far into the unknown.

US Relations

Another fascinating landmark worth a visit is the Old American Legation, which was home to the first US ambassador to Morocco all the way back in 1777. This large palace presents an intriguing exhibition on Morocco's close ties with the US, including letters between George Washington and the Sultan of the time. You can also enjoy artwork by famous Moroccan-American artists. This is truly a fascinating example of multiculturalism and is a great day trip from whatever Tangier cruise you have embarked on.

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