Beaches in Tangier

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Morocco is a country in northern Africa that borders the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Tangier Beaches border the Gibraltar Strait, connecting the Mediterranean and Atlantic together. They provide an exciting experience for beach goers, offering exciting water sports and exotic restaurants on the coast.

Agadir Beach

Agadir Beach is a beautiful white sand beach that stretches 10 kilometers up and down the coast. Water sports are extremely popular on this beach. A visitor to this beach can rent a jet ski to ride the waves of the Atlantic. Someone looking for a terrestrial experience can explore the beach and the surrounding area with a camel ride. Camel rides are popular and easy to arrange, and they are a unique experience not readily available in other countries. Tourists who would like to sunbathe can enjoy a drink from one of the vendor carts. The Moroccan government has worked to keep the Agadir in the clean state it is in today. One warning from the government is to be aware of the current, which can be strong in the Atlantic.

Essaouria Beach

The Essaouria Beach is another beautiful white sand beach on the Atlantic that is considered a haven for active water athletics. When arriving at the beach, the visitor is first overwhelmed by the beauty of the area, and then by the number of wind surfers on the water. For the more adventurous tourist, he or she can kite surf off the coast. In addition, there is a promenade boardwalk for families. They can indulge in arcade games or enjoy some of the seafood that local restaurants have to offer.    

Oualidia Beach

Oualidia beach is a quiet beach in the middle of the Tangier area. A small beach that does not get as much attention as the larger beach, this area is special for several reasons. The beach is unique for the coral reefs off the coast line. Visitors can go snorkeling to see the coral reef ecosystems. The area is famous for the breeze that hits the water.  Surfers are fond of the water and coral reef system protect the area from severe weather. The area is famous for its abundant supply of lobsters and oysters, and the local restaurants feature lobster in most of their dishes.

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Beach of Tangier

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There are many great and fantastic beaches in Tangier. However there is one beach that will probably stick in the minds of many people and that is the main beach in Tangier. The beach is situated next to the very famous harbour and is strectched for miles along the coast line. On a clear day you are able to stand in the edge of the beach and look out to sea where you will be able to see Gibraltar. Along the beach there are many beach bars where you can eat and have a drink any time of the day. Also you can experience wonderful camel rides that are avalable any time more..

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