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The Continental Hotel in Tangier overlooking the harbor

The Continental Hotel in Tangier overlooking the harbor

Hans-Peter Harmsen

Tangier is a major port of entrance from Spain to the beautiful and lovely Kingdom of Morocco.

Although the old city is quite run down, it certainly has a lot of charm. The petit Socco is great for a coffee and a good starting point for exploring the old city. Just wander around the maze of alleys and find your way to the old Sultans Palace overlooking the straits of Gibraltar.

There are some decent beaches nearby, both on the Mediterranean side and on the Atlantic coast. From Tangier you can make excellent daytrips to Chaouen Tetouan and Asilah.

Yes, a private tours are best to reserve ahead, Don't wait in line. Don't wait on hold Talk to a real person, and letm help you get the tours you want, the seats you want and shows you want at the times you want. Don't waste your time or money on other Companies. email Mme Susan Barouk at email: sales.morocco@gmail.com

Some people who arrive by boat in Tangier are hasseled by young Moroccans claiming to be tour guides. Prepare for this - be firm and don't let them scare you away. But you can always hire an official guide,who has a bage with his picture from the Morroccan ministry of tourism at the exits of the boats.  

You may want to work in some time at Meknes/Volubulis, near Fez, a holy Islamic village and a Roman ruin, respectively. Loved Fez and would consider 3 nights there or 2 nights Marrakesh, 1 night Fez.

also, for day trippers, I'd recommend Using a driver/guide vs. Completely independent. I've read Complaints about Persistent touts and beggars, but I had none of that - not a Single instance. I have to think it was because I was with a govt licensed guide [nezhatour@gmail.com] I'm sure my fondness for the Country, the Patience and Sweetness of the People, is Colored by this. Anyway, it is a remarkable Place to Visit.

Also, if you don't know Arabic, brush up on your French which is commonly spoken, English is limited.

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