Shopping in Tafraoute

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Ernst HR Buttner

While in Tafraout, and after walking around exploring the adobe berber villages clung to huge granite rocks, you can get some nice Berber and Touareg rugs in one of the biggest carpet stores in the south of Morocco.

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Meeting place of nomads

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"Speciality shop" tag is a misnomer. It's small tourist/gift shop operating on a totally different concept to the highly organised and very large "wharehouse-style" Maison Tuareg and Maison Berbere carpet shops.

Houssain Laroussi runs a small shop just metres from the hotel Salama (from the hotel reception door it's left, about 20-30 metres, on a corner of 3 streets) just ask anyone working or hanging about nearby.

He'll give excellent advice to the more independant traveller or climber/trekker, and can help obtaining almost anything in the town. He knows more..

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