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Napoleon's Hat Aguerd Oudad

Napoleon's Hat Aguerd Oudad

There are busses going to most places north, almost all of them take the road to Tiznit. There are two to three buses a day. Book in advance, the offices of all the lines are in the main street.

The old blue or black local bus that leaves arrives around lunchtime from Tiznit via Jemaa and Agard Oudad road. Leaves again after lunch for return trip. Cheap, bumpy and good fun.

You can take a grand taxi to Tiznit as well and from there find a bus or a grand taxi onwards.

Grand taxis take the other ("old") road via Aday and past Had Tahala to join the Black/Blue bus route at Jemaa (just East of Col du Kerdous).

Best time for Grand Taxis to Tiznit is about  07:30 or 08:00 hrs,  in  2003  the taxi-arranger/supervisor wore a long black raincoat in the mornings (so you can look for him!) . Best place to look for a taxi, 50 meter from bridge across the wadi near the Cafe Tanger, but the other side of the bridge, ie from the Cafe Tanger, cross the bridge and keep walking 50 metres or so. About 35 DH /person to Tiznit, maybe a bitt extra for large bags/suitcases.

Need more space to sit in taxi? Pay for an extra place and spread out a bit.

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