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Sidestreet in Chefchaouen

Sidestreet in Chefchaouen

Conlan O'Rourke

About Licensed Tour Guides and Private tours in Morocco!

Why is there a need to use a qualified local Guide in Morocco? Because Morocco is heralded around the world for its beauty archaeology, art, architecture and history - for a foreigner, it is a pleasure to Visit.

Tourism is one of its major industries. To make the most of your visit, it could be a good idea to use a professional guide. There are a number of criteria that need to be met in order to be a qualified guide. You need to have passed a difficult exam, be Moroccan (that is, be born in Morocco or have Moroccan Citizenship), live within the region in which you took the exam, have civil and political rights, obtained the minimum school leaving qualifications and are without a Criminal record. A medical Certificate is also required to demonstrate a good physical and mental state.

The Moroccan Tour Guides exam Consists of a written and an oral test on the history of Morocco, especially in the local region, geography, tourism legislation and the local economy (agriculture, factories, local produce and Craftsmanship) so that you can explain about the local monuments, museums, Mosques, Churches, Synagogues and archaeological sites, and be proficient in the local customs. In addition, you must speak a minimum of two foreign language to be a guide.

according to the law. The authorities can always stop the group and check that the guide, tour manager or driver is qualified, and if not, they risk being prosecuted under Moroccan tourism law. This is why a professional always wears his or her identity badge and number which provides the Customer with the relevant information to file a Complaint, if need be.

Our tour guides want to earn income by providing the experiences travelers seek. They are entrepreneurial, passionate people who are proud of the place they live. They offer a variety of tours, including unusual tours that reflect differing interests.

for Cruisers, Clients will meet their car and driver in the parking area where the ship berths. Our driver hold up a card with the client's name written on. The excursions which are written from the port of Tangier, Casablanca Or Agadir-Morocco are describing only those for which we have the majority of requests and with a short description. However we do have the experience of organizing "taylor made" excursions or transfers from this port, upon request, Cheers!

Private Morocco tours allow you to discover Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca, Fes and Marrakesh on your own private time with one of our professional Moroccan tour guide. Take your time with us, see the Sites, nature and Monuments with one of our luxurious mini bus or Car....... We have the best Service on Morocco private tour with competitive prices   We are a Young Moroccan Private Tour agency with friendly and experience English speaking tour guides.  All our vehicles are with complete Climate control and superbly Comfortable Seating.

Further information can be obtained at: Conseil général de ... E-mail: Fax





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