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Accommodation in Sidi Ifni

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Hotel Ait Ba Hamram (08/ 87 51 73) on Rue de la plage has good rooms in a grand building.

Hotel Suerte Loca (08/ 87 53 50) is very much like a Spanish fonda with cheap rooms and suites. It is managed by a friendly family who speak English.

Camping Sidi Ifni has good shade but is very basic.

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Residence Sidi Ifni

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Cafe Restaurant La Barandilla
Cafe Restaurant La Barandilla

Nice accommodation with restaurant and cafe ("La barandilla") on a little hill, right on the sea shore. Wonderful view over the sea (and the sunset!) from the cafe and most of the apartments (around 300 Diram per night equals around 27 euros). Warm, convenient and familial atmosphere, very diversified menu with normal prices (you can have crepes made by an old swiss guy). The Hotel is run by a likeable German (who speaks english and french, too). Impressing: the old bedouin tent on the roof, where you can have a tea and enjoy a magnificent view.

type:Sleep Cheap
World66 rating: [rate it]
tel:+0212 288 767 76
address:4, Av. My Abdellah, Sidi Ifni, Morocco