When to Go in Rabat

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In Rabat, when to go can be in summer if you enjoy warm and mild temperatures or in winter if you enjoy cooler weather. This city is located on the Atlantic Ocean within Morocco, and features a Mediterranean climate all year long. Rabat is a great place to visit if you want to explore a culturally fascinating destination, as well as enjoy mild and pleasant weather. Below is information on the climate to expect while visiting Rabat.

Rabat's Mediterranean Climate

Rabat has a Mediterranean climate all through the year, which makes it an ideal place to visit for those who prefer mild weather. Rabat features warm summers and cool winters and nights are almost always mild and cool. Daytime temperatures are slightly warmer than night temperatures, but never excessively so. December and January are the coldest months out of the year, with temperatures reaching around 18 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in Rabat

The months of July, August and September are the hottest months of the year and are known as the peak summer months. The months of October, November, March, April, May and June are generally very mild in temperature. The coldest months are in winter, from December to February. Even in the coldest months of winter, the temperatures rarely get below 15 degrees Celsius.

Wet Winters and Dry Summers

Because Rabat features a Mediterranean climate, the region has wet winters and dry summers. Most of the yearly rainfall will occur in the winter months, as with other Mediterranean climate zones. Typically, November and December are the wettest months. July and August are considered the driest months, being in the middle of summer.

What to Wear When Traveling to Rabat

The mild, Mediterranean climate of Rabat makes it a nice place to travel and enjoy the pleasant weather. When in Rabat, visitors don't need too much clothing, as the temperatures are generally mild throughout the year. Summer months will require less clothing and travelers should wear lightweight and comfortable material, preferably cotton. Winter months will be colder, so visitors should have heavier coats and sweaters on hand, but still keep the clothing lightweight. Keep in mind that winter months are the wettest months and rainfall is likely to occur. During this time, it is smart to have the proper rain gear in case rain showers do occur.

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