Top 5 Must Do's in Rabat

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There are several Rabat must do’s and these should be the first things you do or at least make sure you do not miss them before you leave. Rabat is the capital city of the small country of Morocco. This city is one of the most important as it contains all the major embassies. Tourism is the major industry.

Royal Palace and Gardens

The Royal Palace of Rabat is the most famous attraction in the city and is found in the heart of Rabat. Much of the front area of the palace is open to the public. This building was constructed in 1864 and is the residence of the King.

It is a great example of Islamic architecture. The palace is surrounded by a wall resulting in access through one of the three gates only. Not every room in the palace is open to the public, though you can still visit the gardens and the Al-Fasd mosque.  The guards will let you through the gate easily if you are a tourist.

The Tour Hassan and Mausoleum

Hassan tower is the largest minaret in the world. A minaret is generally found on mosques as it is a tall spire that will have conical crowns or is onion shaped. They tend to be completely free standing. The mosque that was meant to go with this tower was never finished. You can climb to the top of the tower using ramps. This is an important site as it has World Heritage status from UNESCO.

The mausoleum of Mohammad V contains the tombs of King Mohammad V and his sons, Prince Abdullah and King Hassan II. This is just across the way from Hassan tower and is a perfect example of Alaouite architecture. This building has a green tiled roof and presents a white silhouette. Many people also enjoy the colorful uniforms worn by the guards.

Ancient Ruins

A fabulous place to explore ruins is Chellah Necropolis. This is the earliest human settlement on the Bou Regreg River. The very first ruins date back to Roman times though there is evidence of Carthaginians and Phoenicians. Today you can view the ruins of a triumphal arch, mosque, Roman forum, royal tombs and a zawiya.

Enjoy Nature

Mamora Forest is a site outside of town which gets you back into nature.  This forest contains more than 50% of the countries cork trees.  You can also see wild pear trees, pine groves and eucalyptus trees. Many people enjoy t he birding. If you are looking for a peaceful afternoon away from the city then you should not miss the Mamora forest.

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