Things to do in Rabat

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Morocco, Rabat things to do consists of many learning experiences for every traveler. Journeying to Rabat provides mystery and elegance on all occasions. Attractions around Rabat include ruins, exhibits and festivals. Things to do in Rabat provide excitement and fun for the entire family at any time of the year.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V

Visit the beautiful structure of the mausoleum when touring in Rabat. The mausoleum is located across from the Hassan Tower. See the ruins that stand in front of the mausoleum. Journey inside to see the most breathtaking ceiling towering above. The stained glass windows of the ausoleum's dome shine in beauty of the interior.

The tombs of Mohammed V and his sons, King Hassan II and Prince Abdallah, lie within the Mausoleum. Many people come to pay their respects to these former rulers from the royal family. The architecture of the mausoleum is regarded as a masterpiece.

Kasbah des Oudayas   

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Kasbah des Oudayas offers one of the most beautiful views in Rabat. Known as its own little city, it was previously a fortified convent. Fort of Victory stands today where Holy War soldiers had departed from in previous times. Spanish influence is seen in the color and pavement of the streets throughout this town in Rabat. Overlook the city and ocean while savoring sweets at the nearby Moroccan CafĂ© Maure.


Rabat things to do include the Chellah which is full of ruins to explore. Chellah, also known as Sala Colonia, has many medieval ruins along the outskirts surrounding Rabat. Inhabitants included the Roman town of Sala Colonia. Roman architecture is spotted throughout the ruins. Exquisite gardens have also been created in this area.

If you travel to Rabat during April and May you will see these gardens in full bloom. Plants, flowers and many colors make up the garden area. Pack a picnic to take while strolling through. Cost per person for entrance is only 30 Moroccan dirhams.

Hassan Tower

Hassan Tower was supposed to be seen as the largest minaret across the globe. Unfortunately, Sultan Yacoub al-Mansour passed away so the construction ceased. Reaching about half of its intended height, the tower stands today for visitors to see. Ramps make up the ascension to the top. Calls of prayer are issued by the muezzin through the use of the ramps. Located across from the mausoleum, visiting both during one day is easily attainable. 

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