Shopping in Rabat

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There are several different Rabat shopping areas throughout the city with many different items for sale from those traditional to Morocco and others that can be found almost anywhere. Shopkeepers will have a fixed price listed for items as bartering is not as common as it once was.

Main Shopping Streets

The Rue Souika is the place to be in the evening as many hawkers will spread out their wares. While the items available are not really geared towards tourists as you will generally find house wares and other domestic products, this is still a fun place to wander through. It is really a good example of a medina.

There is a covered section of Rue Souika called Rue Souk as Sabbat. Here you will find many small shops that offer footwear, musical instruments, jellabahs, modern clothing, babouches and jewelry. One of the best stores is found on the corner of Rue Bab Chellah called Ben Hamou Metloub. This store is full of curios and trinkets.

The main shopping street is Rue des Consuls which is actually where the Rue Souk intersects with Rue Oukassa. This area contains stores that with traditional Morrocan handicrafts. You can find carpets, Fassi pottery, color hide lamps, Marrakchi leatherwear, babouches and jellabahs.  You can find a carpet auction here on Mondays and Thursdays.

Works of Art

A great boutique store contains French pottery made by Marilyn Bottero. This pottery is very popular as you can find all different forms such as tagines, cloth bags, teacups and more. This store is at the corner of rue el Harrarine and rue des Consuls. Just down the street is Pop Art-L’Art Modern, the outlet for metal works done by two brothers. You can find both traditional and contemporary items. The shades are made by punching thousands of small holes in the metal shade.

If you are looking for art, you should stop in Nouiga Galerie d’Art in the Kasbash des Oudayas areas. This gallery has art from local photographers and artists. You can also find souvenir books of Morocco. Another art form is carpet making. At the carpet co-operative you can watch women making carpets on traditional looms.

Cakes and Honey

You should definitely visit a supermarket in the country as it is different. Marjane is one of the best to visit. It is found near the Bou Regreg. Some interesting things to find include one of the largest varieties of different honey products. A great place to try traditional Moroccan cakes is the Patisserie Abtal. These cakes contain almond paste, wheat, ground almonds and honey. 

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Bab Rouah

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Bab Rouah is one of the better galeries in town. The address is: Galerie Nationale de Rabat : Bab Rouah, Place de la Victoire Tél.: 70.05.30. imane: Richard Osinga: Very beautiful old city gate. The expositions are pretty small most of the time, but entrance is free.

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Livre Service Rabat S.A.

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The Livre Service bookstore is large and well assorted, with literature in different languages. Whether you want to get to know the contemporary Moroccan literature or need a travel guide, the staff is very friendly and helps with all questions and problems.

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address:46, Avenue Allal Ben Abdellah, Rabat
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