Senior Travel in Rabat

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Following is a Rabat senior travel guide that will help older tourists enjoy their trip to this beautiful Moroccan city. It highlights places and things that are suitable for older travelers.

Traveling in the City

While there are different choices of transportation in Rabat, not all of them are suitable for older tourists. Perhaps the best way for older tourists to get around the city is by hiring petit taxis. These tend to be Fiat Unos and are generally blue in color. They are inexpensive, usually costing about $3 to $4 and fairly comfortable. Remember to check that the meter is running or you will end up paying lots of money when you reach your destination. There are also bus services in the city, however, these don’t have official listings. Older tourists can also walk around the city if they aren’t in a hurry.

Attractions in Rabat

Hassan Tower is a must-visit attraction for older tourists in Rabat. This is an unfinished minaret that is surrounded by 200 columns and is the most famous monument in the city. Tourists should also visit downtown Rabat which was established as the Moroccan capital in the 12th century. The area has a number of shops, historic sites and nightlife attractions. Another attraction ideal for older tourists is the National Archaeology Museum located in Rue al-Brihi. This has been one of the most popular museums in Morocco since 1986 and includes a rich and large archaeological collection that dates back to pre-historic times. The old city of Chella, which was founded by Carthaginians, is also an ideal place to visit.

Eating in Rabat

No matter where you go in the city, you will never be short of restaurants that serve good food. Whether you want a light lunch or a traditional cuisine, you can be sure to find a restaurant that suits your taste. There are also a number of cafes around the town that serve coffees, pastries and different kinds of bread. Some of the most popular restaurants include Café 7eme Art, Le Grand Comptoir, El Rancho, Paul’s and Pizza de Gourmet. There are also many inexpensive food stalls around Medina that serve great sandwiches, pancakes and homemade tagines.


Rabat offers a range of good accommodation at reasonable rates. You can find large hotels with luxury suites or cheaper hotels with comfortable rooms, based on your preferences. However, it is best to find accommodation close to the main city as it makes traveling and sightseeing a lot easier. Golden Tulip Farah Rabat, Hotel Splendide and Hotel Central offer good accommodation and are close to the main city. There are many other hotels just a little away from the city center for those who prefer to stay far from the bustling crowds.

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