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Archaeological Museum, Rabat

There are many Rabat Museums but the Archaeological Museum is regarded as the most defining authority if you want to peek into Morocco’s history. Built in 1932, the Museum displays archaeological recoveries made in this north-African nation that was home to many ancient civilizations. The Museum is often referred to as the National Museum since the National Museum Collection building is a part of its widespread premises.

What does the Archaeological Museum offer?

The Archaeological Museum houses some of rarest samples of authentic Moroccan pottery. It is globally-renowned for its vast collection of pottery items from the pre-Roman and Roman era. It has some of the most treasured displays of Hellenistic-style of sculpting. The pottery section gives a realistic glimpse into the tools used by the ancient societies. The Museum’s other sections include displays of prehistoric remains and the archaeology sections detailing the advent of Islam and the period of Roman occupancy. The prehistoric section is particularly impressive with its collection of fossilized human remains dating back to 4000 B.C. or the Palaeolithic period. The archaeology section has been enriched with Islamic excavations from the eighth and ninth century. Further, the Museum is still expanding and other, recently-recovered, artifacts from nearby African and Mediterranean nations are being continuously added to the Museum’s impressive portfolio.

Location and Accessibility

Located at 23 rue Brihi, Rabat, the Archaeological Museum is open to the public on all days, except Tuesdays. Reaching the Museums is easy. Visitors can board local trains starting from Marrakech, headed toward central Rabat.

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The museum is situated in the opulent lodge built by Moulay Ismail in the XVIIth century as his Rabat residence. The garden is the first of its masterpieces. The exuberance of the vegetation softens the strict geometry of its paths. Flower beds, fountains and ramparts make it the very finest of all andalusian gardens.

At the far end is a room reproducing an ancient Moroccan interior with a vast bay opening onto this glorious spectacle. Cushions in brocade, silk and gold cover the divans all around the room. A little further on, in a cool marble room, stand rows of very old more..

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openingHours:Everyday except Tuesday
address:Kasbahs des Oudadais

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