Getting There in Rabat

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There are many cultural and historical sights to see in Morocco's capital city of Rabat. Getting there is easy with transportation readily available via train, bus or plane. With easy access and great entertainment, this easy-going city should be included in any trip to Morocco.

Rabat by Train

There are frequent connections between Rabat and other major cities in Morocco. Casablanca is just 1 hour away, while Fez is 2.5 hours and Marrakesh is 4 hours. There are 2 stations that service Rabat - 1 is located in the Medina at Centre Ville and the other at Agdal.

Rabat by Bus

Rabat can be reached on bus from nearly every city in Morocco. It is important to note however that oftentimes buses may not stop at the centralized bus station, but instead at a more outlying station. Be sure to ask someone which is the best stop and keep a good map on you to navigate the streets if you have to get off across town from where your destination is.

Rabat by Plane

Rabat's (Rabat International Airport) airport is located in the small town of Sale. Because of the limited connections offered here, most tourists visiting Rabat fly into Casablanca and continue the journey by either car or train.

With ample transportation, getting to Rabat is easy and painless so that you can start enjoying your holiday in this picturesque location right away.

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