Getting Around in Rabat

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Rabat Transportation facilities are on par with any major touring destination across the world. Morocco hosts thousands of international tourists every year and the capital city of Rabat has emerged as the nation’s cosmopolitan center. As a result, plenty of commuting options are available. The most popular mode of getting around in Rabat includes:

Using Buses

Rabat has 2 principal bus stations. Both of these bus stations are located about 5 km south of the main City Center Road that leads towards the neighboring city of Casablanca. The bus station at Rare Routière is very accessible but the chaos can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. The CTM bus station is definitely more organized.

The fare charged on most buses is very economical but the busses lack a systematic method of adhering to routes and timing. The buses traverse through most of Rabat’s arterial points like Centre Ville, Cathedral, Avenue Fal Oueld Omair and all the major train stations.

Along with this local bus system, some city buses are also run. Most of them are managed by Veolia Transport which is the central, public bus service authority. These buses are of marginally better quality and the routes and bus numbers are clearly displayed on the buses.

Using Taxis

The blue-colored, Petit Taxi is the most prevalent taxi service in Rabat. Most of these taxis are Fiats that may not be the most technologically-progressive vehicles but are renowned for their sturdiness. The upmarket fleet of Grand Taxis includes the likes of Mercedes but the fares are much steeper.

Rabat Commuting Tip

Buses are an excellent way to get a taste of the local flavors of Rabat. They are recommended to those who like exploring a city. If you are planning to visit the upscale locality of Hay Riad, using a bus is recommended since cab fares are very steep in this part of Rabat.

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