Festivals in Rabat

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If you are planning to visit Rabat anytime soon, be sure to schedule your trip during one of the colorful and spirited Rabat Festivals. Many of the festivals featured in the modern, capital city of Morocco celebrate the arts including music and film among others. Often, you must pay for whichever event of the festival you want to see. Rabat also hosts more traditional festivals featuring artisans, parades and cultural costumes. Despite the fact that Rabat tends to be a more tranquil city when compared to other Moroccan cities, it still has its fair share of fun and entertaining events and celebrations to be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

Mawazine World Music Festival

This popular 9-day music festival takes place in May every year. As its name suggests, the festival celebrates music from around the globe; therefore, there are a huge number of international music stars that come to perform. The audience tends to be quite international itself due to all of the visitors that travel to Rabat specifically for the Mawazine Festival. As this event can become crowded, it is advisable to purchase tickets ahead of time.

Candles Festival

Also in May is the festival dedicated to Sidi Abdallah Ben Hassoune, the patron of Sale, a city right next to Rabat. Locals hold a huge parade through the streets featuring acrobats, people waving flags, musicians, and men dressed in brightly colored costumes carrying lanterns made of sculpted wax. It is a very traditional festival and has been going on for many years. As a tourist, the Candles Festival is a real treat to see. It gives you a deeper look into the traditions of the local culture in and around Rabat.

Other Festivals of Interest

The International Alternative Film Festival occurs in June. It is not a hugely popular event as international film festivals are in some other cities of the world, but it is still a big event in Rabat and offers up some interesting film viewing experiences. In November, the Plucked String Instrument Festival begins and it features plenty of amazing performances by both international groups and soloists as well as local musicians. It is a definite "must do," especially if you are a fan of guitars. Both of these festivals are worth a look if you are traveling to Rabat in June or November.

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