Day Trips in Rabat

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When visiting Morocco's capital city of Rabat, day trips are plentiful, with many large and historical cities within easy traveling distance. The vibrant cities that surround Rabat showcase some of the best that this North African empire has to offer. If you have explored Rabat thoroughly, consider visiting one of these neighboring cities for a new look at Moroccan culture and history.


Located within an easy one-and-a-half hour car or train ride, Casablanca is one of the most popular destinations in the country. Combining European charm with stunning architecture and a cosmopolitan feel, this is one major city not to be missed on your tour of Morocco. Explore the old city's Medina and its famous bazaar or just spend an afternoon in one of the great cafes people watching the trendy locals. The third largest religious monument in the world - The Hassan II Mosque - also calls Casablanca home and should definitely be visited during a trip here.


Often referred to as Rabat's little sister, this town directly neighboring Rabat is a quaint and fun place to explore. Holding a certain charm in its small and winding streets, there are numerous little restaurants, shops and boutiques that are great to explore on a day trip to the city. Be sure to check out the city's gates, especially the most impressive Bab Mrisa, which has helped to protect the city from pirates throughout its history.


Located just 8 miles from Rabat, this seaside town is a peaceful escape and great place to explore for beach lovers. Visit the stunning Grand Mosque here and wander the numerous local markets around the city to pick up some memorable souvenirs. There is a zoo here that is great for travelers with young children, while others may enjoy the lively nightlife. There are plenty of clubs and restaurants here to keep party-goers happy and there are many great places to have an impromptu picnic.  


Situated between Rabat and Fez, Volubilis was erected after North Africa was lost by the Romans to the Arabs. This ancient city has many well-preserved artifacts, including an exquisite triumph arch and countless mosaics and columns. Enjoy strolling the streets of this tranquil city and exploring its rich history. 

Explore any of these day trips from Rabat to enjoy a different look at the culture, history and modern day influences that abound throughout Morocco.

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