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If you wish to visit the capital of Morocco, Rabat cruises can be a great way to do so. Situated at the mouth of the Bou Regreg River on the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat is a picturesque and highly historical location, perfect to explore as part of a North African tour.

Rabat Cruise Details

Though there is a port in Rabat, it has been plagued with silting problems for many years and therefore most cruises disembarking to visit Rabat do so in the larger neighboring port of Casablanca. There are 11 cruise ships that visit this area, including all the largest names in cruising, such as Princess Cruises, Oceania and Holland America.

To visit Rabat via cruise, passengers disembark 3 miles from the center of Casablanca after selecting one of the various tour programs that visit Rabat. Passengers visiting Rabat as part of a tour will in most cases ride overland on a passenger bus to the capital city on a trip that takes 1 and 1/2 hours.

You can visit Rabat alone instead of as part of a tour group, as there are reliable and inexpensive rail tickets available to make the short trip. The length of time that your cruise ship will be docked in Casablanca will determine the extent of your trip to Rabat.

Rabat Cruise Highlights

When visiting Rabat as part of a cruise tour program, historical sights are often at the forefront of exploration. Tours generally start with a trip to the Royal Palace, where the history of the city combines with the modern culture that has pervaded the area. It is from this strategic location on the Atlantic Ocean that invaders and rulers have controlled the capital city for centuries.

The Tour Hassan is the last unfinished mosque in the city. It houses the Mohammed V Mausoleum and is a great tour stop. Located within earshot of the ocean, this mosque is a great example of the history of the area with the many edifices situated within its ancient walls.

The Oudaias Kasbah is a great place for shopping with its maze of streets and melding of both a modern city and traditional art and design. This is a great final stop to your tour of Rabat from your cruise and allows you to purchase a memorable keepsake to remind you of your trip to this stunning Imperial city. 

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