Budget Travel Ideas in Rabat

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There are many great Rabat budget travel ideas that will keep you busy on your trip to this picturesque location. Featuring a wide range of activities, accommodations and dining, there is something for even the most budget conscious traveler in Rabat.

Rabat Budget Entertainment

There are many stunning sights in the city to keep you busy without spending money. The Oudaias Kasbah is a nice place to start getting acquainted with the city. Explore here and the Medina in the old town first and take in some great sights from some great vantage points in the city.

Head to the neighboring community of Sale where you can enter the Medersa, unlike many other religious buildings in the country. When you finish there, check out Sale's Medina as well, and be sure not to get lost wandering the maze of back alleys weaving through this residential neighborhood.

Traveling a little further out of the city to see some sights is also budget-friendly, as outside of necessary transport costs and food, you will spend very little. A couple more km north of Sale is the shrine of Sidi Moussa ed-Doukkali where visitors can walk out the back of the Medina into a ruined fort and then the coast. Though this area is not on the typical tourist track, it is a very interesting stop.

If you like greenery, head a bit farther north to the Jardins Exotique. Reachable by bus in just 30 minutes, these gardens are lush and relaxing. Bring a picnic and make an afternoon of it.

Budget Accommodations in Rabat

There are many choices for budget accommodations in Rabat. Hotel Majestic and Royal Hotel Rabat are among the finest budget accommodations in the city. Hotel Majestic's rooms start at just $32 a night, while the Royal Hotel Rabat's rooms start at $38. There are many more choices for budget accommodations in Rabat spanning the spectrum of low $30s to just under $100 a night. Be sure to book in advance and confirm your reservation in advance, especially if you will be traveling during high season.

Rabat is a great budget travel destination with many things to do that won't break the bank. Come to Rabat and relax, unwind and refresh with the lovely culture and scenery that this area is known for.

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