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Rabat-Beaches. Rabat is north of Casablanca and the capital of Morocco. During the summer, Morocco’s beaches are pleasant and warm enough to swim and bathe in. The beaches close by Rabat range from being tame, safe and family-friendly to being dangerous and recommended for pro-surfers only.

Temara Beach

Temara Beach is located about fifteen kilometers (9 miles) south of Rabat and is an ideal beach for a family that is looking for somewhere to relax, explore and have fun. At Temara you can go camping, stay at a nice hotel and even visit the beach’s pristine bathing pool. The beach itself is nothing but miles of gorgeous fine white sand; here it would be perfect to start a game of volleyball or Frisbee. The beach is also home to a zoo called the National Zoological Park (located northwest of Temara) where you can see over 2000 animals, including 1200 different species of birds. There are many cultural landmarks as well, including an old Kasbah that was built during Moulay Ismail’s rule.

Mehdia Beach

If your family likes to surf and would like to something a little more adventurous, then Mehdia Beach would be a perfect fit. Mehdia is even farther away from Rabat and can be found about 30 kilometers (nineteen miles) outside the city. As mentioned before, surfers of all skill levels gather here to try out Mehdia seemingly endless succession of waves. The beach is surrounded by a wall called the Borj el Kebir, which was built more than four hundred years ago. Like Temara, the sand is also very fine and white; unlike Temara however, the beach is less known and freed from excessive commercialism. The surrounding hotels often organize water-sports like water-skiing that you and your family can enjoy.

Plage des Nations

Plage des Nations, or Sidi Bouknadel as it is known locally, is a beach that was named for some of the local and foreign diplomats who swim there. Like Mehdia, the beach is also less-known and quieter than other beaches in the surrounding area. However, only pockets of the beach are safe to swim; the rest of the beach carries a dangerous current that should only be attempted by professional surfers. Lifeguards do patrol the central strip, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. The “Hotel Fidarious” is very close by and would be a great hotel to stay at if you plan to spend the night.

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