Bars and Cafes in Rabat

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For many travelers, Rabat is the center of nightlife in Morocco. The vast range of Rabat Bars and Cafes will suit every taste and budget--there really is something for everyone in this vibrant city.

Stylish Haunts

One of the most stylish and chic places in Rabat is the Old Priory Cafe which is housed inside a beautiful 17th century Spartan building. Excellent dishes draw on both French and Maltese culinary traditions and you can feast on a selection of home-made cakes and sweets, regarded by some as the best in town. If your preference is sober relaxation over all-night partying you might also like the Kasbah Cafe. You'll enjoy the stunning view of the city afforded by  the cafe's position overlooking the Bou Regreg. You'll be served by men wearing Fezs and gnome slippers just to give you that extra dose of cultural authenticity. This isn't a place for fine dining however as only tasty cookies are served and no other food. It's a fine place to chill out in after a long hard day.

Bar Alaska

A favorite option for travelers and locals alike, Bar Alaska epitomizes everything about Rabat nightlife. As in many other bars, you'll find 3 types of bottled beer available, among them Flag Speciale and Stork. Both of these will set you back around 12 Dirhams a bottle (making this one of the cheapest bars in town). Bar Alaska has a small selection of hard liquor such as vodka and whiskey but expect to pay a lot more for a shot of these--40 Dirhams or so. Bar Alaska's location is also to its advantage. It is right next door to the popular Bugs Burger restaurant and its open-air seating affords an excellent view of St Pierre Cathedral.

Bar Balima

Legendary among Rabat bars and cafes, this 'haunt' is often called the 'bat cave' by locals because it is situated at the basement of the Hotel Balima just opposite the Parliament building. There is a vast selection of slightly pricey beers costing 18 Dirhams each, so not everyone sticks around for the whole night.

The Irish Pub

You know what they say: "Wherever you go in the world. there's sure to be an Irish pub." The Irish pub in Rabat advertises Guinness on its walls but does not serve it - which is a bit odd. However, it does sell Tequila Sunrises and other cocktails. If you want to go deluxe you can shell out a whopping 200 Dirhams for a glass of Chivas Regal--aged 21 years. This makes it one of the more plush of the Rabat bars and cafes.

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