7 Day Itinerary in Rabat

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When planning your trip to Morocco, here is a great Rabat itinerary for a 7 day trip. With a great location that allows quick access to a number of local attractions as well as neighboring cities, Rabat is a great starting point for an incredible Moroccan adventure.

Day 1 - Arrive

Arrive in Rabat and get settled into your hotel. Head to the Medina for dinner and drinks and enjoy yourself relaxing and strolling around checking out the atmosphere of this lively area.

Day 2 - Kasbah des Oudaias & Chellah

After breakfast stroll out past the Medina and down to the beach to this old castle on the coast for a nice look at the historical architecture of Rabat. Stroll through the castle and some of the neighboring streets. Rest at the small outdoor cafe at its base and enjoy some local Moroccan music from street musicians. After lunch and rest, head over to Chellah where you can view the lush gardens and Islamic ruins from Abdul Yousef's mosque that was destroyed in an earthquake in 1775.

Day 3 - Casablanca

Catch a train for the hour and a half journey to Casablanca to explore the city and its environs. Be sure to check out the Medina and the Mosque of Hassan II. Spend the day there, including a nice dinner in or around the Medina and catch the train back to Rabat in the evening.

Day 4 - Hassan Tower & Other Landmarks

Today, enjoy some great sights around the city. Start with the Hassan Tower, one of the most famous monuments in Rabat. After that, head to the Mausoleum of Mohammad V and catch a late lunch. In the afternoon, choose between a stroll through the modern downtown of Rabat or heading to the Rabat Zoo.

Day 5 - Beach Trip    

Head to the coast for a guided camel ride along the coastline of Essaouira. This ancient fishing village is a picturesque location and one of Morocco's most popular attractions. Head back to the city and check out some more culture by visiting the National Archaeology Museum or the Oudaias Crafts Museum.

Day 6 - Shopping

Spend the day relaxing and shopping for souvenirs. Browse the large selection at the Medina and head over to the neighboring city Sale for a look at some more craft and handiwork souvenirs. Enjoy dinner downtown or near the Medina.

Day 7 - Return

After breakfast, head past the Medina for one more look at the ocean and historical area. Stroll through the winding streets one last time before heading to the airport for departure.

A 7-day trip to Rabat will allow you enough time to relax and explore all the best that Rabat and its surrounding areas have to offer.

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