Getting There in Ouzoud

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You will have to get on and off buses and taxis in order to make it to Ouzoud (although I guarantee it is worth the trip).   It is optimal to have your own car, and drive yourself, but it is easy enough to reach this destination without.   Unless you are already in the region, it is best to take a bus to Beni Mellal and then from there to Afourar.   Afourar is a small town at the base of the mountains.   It is a nice place to walk around, maybe visit a café or two, before taking a taxi up through the mountains until you reach Azizal (I believe that is the name of the small town…I will double check and update if not).   From Azizal there is a taxi directly to Ouzoud.   There is one larger (more expensive) hotel, named Hotel de France, but the name changes every so often.   It is a nice hotel, but the one I would recommend is about a 2 minute walk down the trail to the Cascades.   It has a beautiful outside café, plus a friendly staff.

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