Top 5 Must Do's in Merzouga

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Within the southern borders of Morocco, hidden far from the shores of the Atlantic, is Merzouga. This tangle of sand and endless summer may seem an uncommon destination. Tourists may think it too wild to attempt. But all Merzouga must do’s will quickly stifle any worries. There is much here to explore.

Sahara Tours

Journey into adventure with one of the many available Sahara tours. From Merzouga, guests can seek out the world’s third largest desert. Travel by camel or even car into the dunes, scaling ridges and high hills. From town you will be guided to a waiting oasis, allowed to spend the afternoon in exploration. Sleep beneath the stars and take advantage of unspoiled views. It’s not to be missed. Travelers, take caution: young children or those with health concerns may find this too strenuous. Plan accordingly.

Marrakech Expedition

All Merzouga must do’s allow you to discover nature; but Marrakech Expedition offers something new. Let yourself be taken into the season, aided by experienced guides and well-learned trails. Berber villages, secret lakes and more will be offered--all from the comfort of tour buses. For those wary of the heat (or simply unable to withstand a day on camel-back), this becomes the easy alternative. Trips take you deep within Morocco and the result is extraordinary. Seek out the best itinerary for your group and create a memory.

Erg Chebbi

No journey to Merzouga would be complete without a visit to Erg Chebbi. The juxtaposition of flat miles and massive dunes amazes travelers each year. The Erg reaches a staggering 150 meters high, making it ideal for searches or even sand skiing. It's the perfect destination for any morning. It must be noted that there are many methods to reach Chebbi, including walking. But this is not recommended. Utilize the more practical tours and spare yourself the worry of losing time or direction.

Dayet Srji

This unexpected treat will astound any who visit. The Dayet Srji salt lake rests a mere two kilometers from town but is soon revealed as its own world. Countless animals flock to nest there each year. Be met with ruffles of feathers and fur as your guide leads you on. Foxes and flamingos, scarabs and snakes: they’re all here. Families with children will be especially delighted. It’s an experience few can match.

Berber Tours

Travel from Merzouga and find the past. Nearby villages have withstood the modern invasion and will greet you with the true culture of Morocco. The traditions of the Berber people have been preserved and you can now witness them. Whether you choose nearby Hassilabied, Tisserdmine or others, you will be impressed. These towns are close and offer a living history.

Merzouga must do’s provide more than flawless scenery. They give travelers the chance to experience the world as it was and they’re to be enjoyed.

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