Things to do in Merzouga

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Merzouga Desert Trek

Merzouga Desert Trek


      The dunes of the erg Chebbi constitute the great curiosity of the area. They are real moving sculptures in the form of draperies, whose colors vary according to the intensity of the light.
     They are drawn up like alive walls in  the doors of the desert (40 km of the border of Algeria). Highest reach 160 m. 
     Superb sunset and sunrise over the  sand dunes. It is advised to spend the night under tents (hairs of goat and dromedary) of nomads located at the midle of the dunes after about 2 hours camel riding from  your hotel.


In Merzouga, things to do are abundant. This friendly and welcoming small village, located in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, is home to some of the most fascinating sand dunes in the country. In Merzouga, there are plenty of interesting and astounding things to see. Read on to learn more about things to do in Merzouga.

See the Animals of Merzouga

Merzouga is home to various species of animals including ducks, flamingos, reptiles, gerbils, field mice, desert hedgehogs, desert foxes, scarab beetles and brown scorpions. In addition to this, Merzouga possesses several species of birds. The ruddy sheldrack and the Kittilitz's Plower can be observed during migrations in spring, and the desert sparrow can be seen in the region all year round. Other bird species within Merzouga include the Egyptian nightjar, the Tristram's desert warbler, the falcon and the Arabian buzzard.

Take a Camel Safari

Perhaps one of the most famous reasons to visit Merzouga, a camel safari is the best way to explore the sand dunes of the region. First, you will be taken into the village to fetch a head scarf to protect you from the powerful sun rays. After this, you will be put on a camel and taken into the desert. Your leader will provide tents, meals, water and other essential items during your journey. It is important to ask questions before the journey to make sure all negotiations are confirmed and you understand what is to come. Do extensive research before visiting Merzouga to ensure you receive the best bargain for your camel safari and that you understand how to bargain in this region.

Camel safaris are an exciting and interesting way to view the scenery in Merzouga. On the first night of your safari, you will likely be taken to a camp circle in the large dunes. It is here where dinner will be prepared and music will be played, while the stars shine above the sand dunes. If you're on a 1 day safari, you will have breakfast in the morning and head back before the heat seats in. Those staying for more than 1 day will either stay where they are or explore further out and stay with a berber family (and leave early the next morning).

Explore the Music of the Region

In Merzouga, there are folk dances, black G'naul music, and Senegelese musicians and dancers to see. Ask your hotel how to arrange to see music and dancers within Merzouga.

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Camel Trekking

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Merzouga Desert Trek
Merzouga Desert Trek
photo by: peter

Riad  Ksarbicha in Merzouga, offers the best true desert experience,Whatever your dream, we can arrange it. Treks include all meals, desert bivoac with mattresses and bedding, camels !, and guide.
 The Riad provides professional services in Airport transfers between (marrakech ,errachidia, ouarzazate, fes )and Merzouga desert. journeys to other cities in the great south of morocco.

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Merzouga Safaris Tours

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Merzouga Safaris Tours Offers:Desert Trips ,Private tours in Merzouga,Camel Trekking,Walking In desert,Holidays In Desert Merzouga,Adventures In Merzouga Dunes,New Year's  in Morocco,Fes
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Erg chebbi tour by 4x4

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      If you have time and 4x4 you can do a trip arround all the erg chebbi sand dunes visiting the SERJI lake ,different villages,MIFIS ruines,gnawa and nomad families and fossils carrieres.Ask your hotel's staff to help especially to rent  a 4x4 if you do not have one.SAHARA is one of the best hotels organising such service.

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