Shopping in Merzouga

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Merzouga, Morocco is a small village by the Algerian border. Merzouga shopping is a memorable experience as there are many locally made goods to be purchased. With the exception of a few hotels, most shopping done by visitors is located in the "souks," or open air markets.

Rissani Market

Rissani Market is called Morocco's African Market. A visitor to this market will be greeted with the smell of oriental spices. Rissani is especially famous for its food market. The hotels by this area purchase most of their food staples here. This market is famous for visitors purchasing spices to bring back home. While food is the most common item sold, shoppers can find other things to bring home. Local artisans sell furniture, pottery and ceremonial items to consumers. Visitors looking for a haggling experience will not be disappointed, as merchants debate price on every item. The market is run by Berber peddlers and they take pride in the goods they sell.  

Berber Cooperative Market

This souk is stocked with Berber items made by local craftsman. You can find carpets, clothes, leather goods, jewelry and household goods. You'll be surprised by the level of craftsmanship that goes into purchasing goods. The shop owners in the co-op market still do some of their work outdoors for tourists. You might see a goldsmith working on jewelry or a seamstress sewing scarves. Carpenters make furniture for the more adventurous consumers. It is not unusual for a tourist to leave the market with a finely woven carpet and armchair. People are encouraged to shop, here as the profits from the bazaar go to funding the village. Merzouga itself suffers from extreme poverty, but tourism has helped the city.

Street Vendors

Street vendors are a fact of life in Merzouga. As tourism has helped this city grow, many citizens are determined to be part of the trade. It is not unusual to see a peddler walking up to an open cafĂ© and selling items to a patron. Peddlers sell everything from jewelry to toys to leather purchases. They set up shop on the side of the street and wait for customers. A stealthy shopper can find some real bargains this way.    

Merzouga is known for primarily for being an oasis village in the desert, but tourists are finding that there are many wonderful souvenirs in this small Saharan outpost. Happy Shopping!

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