Senior Travel in Merzouga

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Planning and enjoying a Merzouga senior travel is possible in this tourist destination in Morocco. The atmosphere in this small, quiet village can be a sanctuary for people looking for some peace, quiet and stillness. Prepare well for your trip, as the Sahara Desert is home to harsh elements which can be daunting especially for those with health conditions or people who are prone to fatigue.

Spend a Lazy Day in a Comfortable Hotel

Most of the hotels are ideal for relaxing the day away, tanning amidst the heat of the Sahara and sipping a cool drink by the pool. Hotels such as Hotel Nomad Palace, Les Portes du Desert, Hotel Yasmina and Haven la Chance Desert have private swimming pools, in-house restaurants and suites to help you relax. There are many types of hotels in this area to suit your preference from a family-type Kasbah, to modern furnishings, down to an Arabesque-Andalusian inspired setting. It is also possible to camp out comfortably, so to speak, with furnished Berber tents for a more adventurous accommodation.

Listen to Live Music Under the Stars

A private party in the middle of a desert with good food and good music is what new residents usually engage in at the end of the day. Listen to traditional Gnaoua music or simply stargaze without interruption. Pitch a Berber tent and snuggle with a loved one or engage in some belly-dancing lessons from the locals. All of this can be arranged through a planned tour. Private tours are better, since local tour guides usually know the best places to pitch camp.


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