Nightlife and Entertainment in Merzouga

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Gnaoui at home

Gnaoui at home

Tere at Haven La chance Hotel

The best thing to look for in order to spice up your Merzouga nightlife is the wide array of places where you can enjoy doing night activities. But, do remember that Merzouga Village is situated in the Sahara Dessert in Morocco, where night clubs and bars are almost non-existent.

Camel Treks

You can’t say that you have been in Merzouga if you haven’t tried riding on camels along the desert under the clear night skies. Several businesses offer domesticated camels for tourists who want to spend their nights observing the vast landscape and the cool desert winds. There is an abundance of locals who are always ready to assist customers at very affordable rates. Stop by some camps and several oases if you wish to take a break. This night activity is perfect for groups who are looking for an unique experience and couples who want to have a romantic night.

Live Gnaoua Music

Enjoy the live music performances of a group called Groupe Des Bambaras. This group is famous for their soothing native Gnaoua music and is often invited in social gatherings and events in hotels and lodges around the area. This is a perfect spot of music lovers who want to get a slice of extraordinary unique African music.

Dune Climbing

The district of Merzouga is surrounded by a vast beach of desert sand. A lot of vacationers, especially those who are in to outdoor sports, are in to the challenge of climbing steep sand dunes. This is fun-packed activity perfect for you and your friends. Be sure to dress appropriately because those sand dunes are quite slippery. After reaching the peak, you can enjoy relaxing under the night skies amid the cool fresh air in the area.

Lake Dayet Sriji

The Lake Dayet Sriji, just 3 kilometers away from the main Merzouga area, is a beautiful salt lake where you can enjoy the serene waters, the sights, the sounds of birds like flamingos and the refreshing fresh air. This is perfect for nature-lovers who want to keep in touch with the environment. Grab a little snack while hiking in the vast surrounding landscape.

Private Party

Most of the lodging establishments in Merzouga offer functional rooms, small and big alike, that cater to those who want to spend the night partying, eating, and having a good time with friends. Ask for the coverage of the space that you will book for the night, and try to get some offers while you’re at it.

Despite the usual bars and clubs that you usually go to, your Merzouga nightlife will still be an experience to enjoy.


Merzouga New Year's Eve Party 2007-2008
We stil have several nomad tents- woolen KAHIMAS by our hotel near
Merzouga for the New Year's Fete. The Black Gnawi tribe will dance
and play their drums throughout the night- under the stars at Haven La
Chance Hotel- Merzouga. .

The highlight of the evening is the  MECHUI - roasted lamb that is
carried from the adobe oven- accompanied by the G'naui Black Tribe with their Music and Dance. The succlent lamb has been roasting  slowly over wooden
fire for hours while you have dined on cous-cous in the big Nomad tent next to our hotel Under the Stars of the Sahara Desert.

Sleeping in Khaimas- nomad tents rather than the hotel itself makes for an memorable evening as you wake with the rising sun

It is like a Disney World experience as you watch it brought to the
big tent while the Gnaw'i play on.
Champagne  will be  provided to bring in the New Year here in Merzouga ,

We do have a few rooms left in the hotel- with the toilets and showers
located down the hall.
But the magic of the desert is sleeping in the Khaimas and waking up
with the sun.
Check out or email info@desert-

This event can be duplicated for groups f 6 or more anytime of the year!



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