Museums in Merzouga

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Merzouga: a Living Museum

Situated 35 kilometers to the southeast of Rissani, Merzouga is a Saharan outpost. While many will tell you there is no such thing as Merzouga museums, the reality is the area is itself a living museum to the unique environment, the native people and animals and their lifestyles. While there are no official exhibitions or artefacts on show, a traveler availing themselves of a savvy local guide will be able to explore the living museum of Merzouga and the surrounding desert to their great satisfaction.

Geography and Wildlife in Merzouga

Exciting sights on show in the area include, of course, the amazing erg, the archetypal Saharan sand dune formation as well as the stunning oasis that forms periodically near Yasmina or the salt lake at Dayet Srji which is home to wildlife including flamingoes.

Showcasing Saharan Specialities

For the true living museum experience, a visit to a Gnawa village such as that at Khamlia is a must. Locals showcase traditional music and other arts and practices for the curious onlookers. Other cultural experiences include the opportunity to sleep in a Berber tent, take a sand bath with its reputed healing powers and cook unlevened bread in hot sand.

Life in Merzouga Beats Museums

While travellers may be used to having local culture served to them in sanitized, curated exhibitions, the living museum experience of Merzouga offers an unrivalled opportunity for true immersion in a unique environment.

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