Beaches in Merzouga

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The town of Merzouga is situated in the desert area of Morocco. There is much to do in Merzouga, but being a desert region, Merzouga lacks water and beaches that might be sorely missed by the Western traveler. Instead, Morocco’s most outstanding beaches are located some distance away from Merzouga. The Merzouga Beaches are lovely and it is the best place to chill out.


Famous for its sand dunes, Merzouga is one of the sights to behold in Morocco. The country of Morocco is perhaps best characterized in books and movies as a vast stretch of desert plains. The Erg Chebbi are Morocco’s largest and highest sand dunes, and their height of 160 meters makes them simply magnificent. Watch the sunrise or sunset go down behind these dunes in the desert for a truly spectacular experience. Merzouga also offers the viewing of a variety of desert life – from desert geckos and snakes, to flamingoes in the spring. During the spring season, rains form oases for rare birds and pink flamingoes to roost, creating a picture perfect image. For the ultimate explorer, hire a guide and a camel, and traipse through endless dunes of sand, enjoying the quiet beauty of the desert. Indeed, some literary imagery capture the dunes of Merzouga as the beaches of the desert – with endless waves of sand being blown around by the wind, creating interesting and ever-changing patterns around the traveler.


A 13-hour drive southwest will bring visitors to the coastal city of Essaouira, where the true beaches are. This coastal town provides a stark contrast to most of Morocco. Where most of the country is sand and covered in a fine red dust, Essaouira has beautiful beaches and blue skies. The sheer beauty of Essaouira has made it a popular destination for honeymooners, as well as a backdrop for wedding photographs. Common beach activities include kitesurfing and windsurfing – particularly enjoyable here since the winds are usually strong and consistent on most days. Horseback riding along the beach has also proven to be popular, especially among younger couples or newlyweds. Like Merzouga, the sunset and sunrise viewed along the beach in Essaouira is particular spectacular – especially without being clouded by the thin film of dust that seems to cover most of the Moroccan cities located in the interior of the country. Those looking for a place to relax and chill out can simply just enjoy the beach, spending the day in the heat of the Moroccan sun.

Whether it is the sand dunes in Merzouga that provide the figurative beaches made famous by literature or the truly magnificent beaches of Essaouira, Morocco has it all.

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