Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail

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This site is still an important place of veneration for Moroccans, so you are requested to wear modest dress and you'll be asked to step out during prayers (prayer time is 5 minutes,5 times a day; great opportunity for bathroom calls or other errants).

The inside of the Mausoleum consists of a series of chamber, decorated with bright zellije and kufic writing. The mausoleum is not open to visitors neither during the siesta nor on Fridays.

The "Mausolée Moulay Ismail" is one of the main tourist attractions in Meknès.
As it can be visited also by non-muslims, there are few Meknès visitors who miss taking a look.

A visit offers you the chance to see another facet of the grand myth of Moulay Ismail: the salutary, healing powers attributed to the revered Sultan. Many Moroccans visit the sanctuary in order to receive their share of this "baraka": health, well-being and luck.
But not only the famous Sultan Moulay Ismail is buried here. You will find likewise the tomb of his son Sultan Moulay Ahmed Ad-Dahabi, Sultan Moulay Abderrahman Ibn Hicham as well as the grave of his first wife Lalla Kantha.

The Mausoleum consits of three courts, a mosque and the tombs. After entering through the gate you get into an entrance hall, decorated with beautiful "zellije" (hand cut tile) works, followed by the three courts. In the third court there is a beautiful "mihrab", the cupola is carried by twelve pillars. Behind the courts lie the tombs of Moulay Ismail and the other members of his family.
The sanctuary's beautifully carved and painted ceilings shall make visible the splendour of paradise - "al-djanna" - to beholder.
Don't foget to take a look at the longcase clocks. The horologes are a present of Moulay Ismail's contemporary, the French king Louis XIV.

The building of the Mausoleum was begun in Moulay Ismail's lifetime. In the 1950ies it was restaurated by Mohammed V.

Opening hours:
Every day from 9 a.m. to noon (except Fridays) and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
The entrance is free.
(Don't forget to get to take of your shoes before entering the rooms in front of the tombs.)

Opposite to the Mausoleum, along the Palace walls, you will find serveral little shops with postcards and touristic souvenirs.

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