Bab Mansour El Aleuj

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Situated in the southeast side of the Place El Hedim, the Bab Mansour has been created as the grandiose entrance to the Ville Impériale, that would impress every visitor with the splendour and glamour of the Moroccan Sultan's rule.

Adapting the classical style of Almohade architecture, the facade is decorated with beautiful tile ornaments. An inscription celebrates God and the doings of the Alaouite Sultan Moulay Ismail, under whose rule the building of the gate was begun. Legend has it that the two marble columns, that flank the gate, were taken from Volubilis.
In 1732, under the reign of his son Moulay Abdallah, the Bab Mansour was completed.

Regarding the importance of the gate for Moroccan architecture and history, you should not wonder at the many lengends about the gate. One has it that the gate was named after its architect. It is said that he was called Mansour El Aleuj (Mansour, the renegate), having converted from Christianity to Islam.

It is also said that court sessions were held in front of the Bab Mansour, and that the heads of the convicted were exhibited here.

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address:Meknès, Ville Impériale, at the southeast side of the Place El Hedim

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