Bab Berdayin

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If you walk to the northern part of the medina, leaving the usual touristic areas behind, the souks will get poorer and muddier. Beyond the Mosque El Berdayin there is the Place El Berdayin, that looks rather like a large parking-lot with some small shops and an internet-café.

At the upper part of the Place El Berdayin you will find the Bab Berdayin
("Gate of the saddlers"). It was built at the times of Moulay Ismail at the end of the 17th century. With just one arch, it is not as large as the famous Bab Mansour, but on the outside it is beautifully decorated with green inlays. Unfortunately there have been almost no restauration works yet, so the gate starts to crumble.

From the outside of the Bab Berdayin you have a great view opon the plains of northern Meknès with the Oued Boufekrane and the mountains behind.
A way leads down to the Boulevard Circulaire.

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address:Meknès, Medina

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