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The Jma el Fna is where it all happens: snake charmers, acrobats, story tellers, small restaurants, fresh orange juice. It changes during the day, from a juice and nut selling area with additional entertainment in the morning to a more tourist oriented "side show" in the afternoon. It then becomes full of food stalls and entertainment for the evening and night.

Jma-l-Fna is great for a morning orange juice, an afternoon stroll or a dinner at night. It's a genuine 5* attraction at night & it's not done especially for tourists, most of it is 100% for Moroccans, by Moroccans. Avoid the sheep's head stew & head for the little sausages with the dynamite chili sauce (you have to ask for the sauce). Mostly for meat-eaters but there are excellent salads so veggies certainly won't starve--the spicy aubergine (egg plant) is fantastic.

One warning: the snakes and the bears are less dangerous than pickpockets.

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