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And what about Pacha? Pacha is amazing! What can I tell?

I lived in Morocco for about four months... and one of the top class entertainment was Pacha in Marrakesh! AMAZING!

It is big, with an amazing dance floor, good DJs, good sound system, wonderful bars, I could get my beer and other drinks really fast, although quite expense... One beer was like 10 euros... yes, expensive, compared for the rest of the lifestyle in Morocco... and yes, beer is expensive everywhere... but they are really good...

but back to Pacha.... Pacha has an amazing place... with two or three restaurants with really good food, a big pool, with day parties during summer...

It is WILD! You must go there and have as much as fun as I had!

But have your wallet prepared! You will spend so much money there as you can... Don't go there on the beginning of your trip... hehehehehehe

Have some fun (and sun) there! It is worthwhile!

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