History in Marrakesh

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Marrakech Ancient Wall

Marrakech Ancient Wall


Founded in the 11th century, Marrakesh was once the capital of an empire that stretched from Spain to Senegal. In days of old, Marrakesh's location on the crossroads of ancient caravan routes from Timbuktu made it a key destination for trade and reprieve for weary sub-Saharan traders carrying gold, salt and slaves bound for Europe. Today, Marrakesh is a reverberating collision of Africa and Europe, west and east, Bohemia and high culture, Arab cities and Berber villages. Framed by the snow-capped Atlas mountains, thousand-year-old palm groves, and wrapped in faded red, Ochre walls, Marrakesh casts a magic spell. One’s senses are stimulated by the brilliantly colored spices, entrancing music, rich folds of carpets, delectable cuisine, whirling dervishes, intertwining tile geometries, perfumed gardens shimmering in still waters of reflecting pools.

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