A perfect day in in Marrakesh

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Your first destination on your perfect day is the Jma'l Fna. You can have breakfast with croissants and coffee in one of the restaurants on all sides of the square, but be sure to buy your orange juice from one of the hundred stalls.

Now that your tummy is filled, you are ready for a journey into the Medina. The best way to explore is to just walk and not worry about getting lost. You will anyway, probably. But the major attraction of the whole thing is the walking around, seeing people work on their handicrafts and haggling with shopkeepers. Even if you get really lost, you will not miss those things.

You can walk for an hour or two through the winding streets, but then it is time to sit down and have tea. A good way to do this is go to a carpet shop and let them show you all the nice coloured carpets they have for Sale. The tea is on the house.

Now is the hard part. You have to try and go back to where you came from. the Jma'l Fna. You can do this in two ways. Either by trying to walk on and on, until you reach the end of the old city and then take a taxi, or by trying to go to the south with a compass. The square is at the south end of the Medina.

It's time for lunch. I suggest you just buy some bread & cheese and some juice or yoghurt and you have your lunch. If it is a hot perfect day, you might want to go and have a small siesta. If it isn't, we suggest you take a caleche (horse-drawn cart) to the Tombes Saadiens. In the garden you can relax. The architecture is stunning.

For the rest of the afternoon we suggest you go to the Rahba al Kedima and sit down in one of the stalls where they sell herbal medicine. Listen to all the nice stories the sellers tell you about the different spices.

It is getting late and you are heading back to the Jma'l Fna. More and more people are coming here. Eating stalls are put up, snake charmers, dancers and sooth-sayers are surrounded by interested spectators. Walk around at ease.

When you start feeling hungry, try one of the restaurants on the north side of the Jma with a terrace facing south. You have a beautiful view of the mountains, and on my perfect days a very nice sunset that makes the snowcapped mountians of the High Atlas turn a warm pink.

You must be exhausted by now! Have a coffee on the terrace and some Moroccan sweets and then take a cab back to your hotel.

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