Luxury hotel Marrakech : Hotel les 5 Dejllabas

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Five minutes from Marrakech, in the hearth of palm grove, under the splendour of snow capped Atlas Mountains, surrouded by 15000 sq meters of landscaped gardens, planted with roses, bougainvilliea, palm trees and olive trees hundreds of years old. Hotel les 5 Djellabas has opened. All is offered, moments in a life time, sublime and unique. Here we can feel good, touch real happiness, to be far from everything but close to paradise, why, because the hotel les 5 Djellabas has been designed by experts of the area, in particular a renowned Moroccan architect, the mistress of the house is present at all times to ensure traditionnal Moroccan hospitality is offered. A furnished roof terrace gives  an inlimited view of the snow capped Atlas mountains. When night falls it becomes the priviledged observation post of the milky way, the silence is impregnated by the perfume of lavender, peppered mint and thyme.
type:First Class
World66 rating: Rate now:
tel: +212 644 091 091
CostOfDoubleForANight: 230 €
address:Bab Atlas Marrakech, in the Palm grove

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