Larache Travel Guide

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With little hassle and few tourist traps, Larache is worth a short visit to feel what a typical Moroccan town is like. Larache is next to an estuary which wanders into the Atlantic ocean. The west of the town is bordered by sea cliffs and the south is covered with tangerine and orange groves. A nice morning activity is to take a boat taxi across the estuary to the beach.

The old medina, a fortress known as the Casbah de la Cigogne and an archeological museum built in a Spanish citadel are worth a visit. The walls that surrounded the medina and the kasbah, now in ruins, add an interesting air to the town. Although the town has seen better days, it still has a nice atmosphere. The new town is a good example of Spanish colonial architecture. The colors of the buildings in the town are a beautiful white-washed white and blue.

Four to five kilometers outside of Larache are the Roman remains of Lixus. They are not as impressive as the ones inVolubilis., but to watch the sunset into the sea from the Phoenician temple can be a beautiful experience.

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