Dar -Tighoula Guest house

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Dar Tighoula is about 4 minutes  (Walk ) from the statuts of Imlil and amid Berbère village and in front of Toubkal mountain.

We provide you a comfortable time amid beautiful gardens and fields, providing you food and transportation and everything, from airport until the last day of round.

We also offer to you the tours in order to discover the nature of the atlas. With our guide and mule, you do not need any previous winter walking experience as our leaders will teach you the skills required. The trails can be good, ranging from good paths to scree slopes and you will pass through Berber villages that have not changed for centuries, look at the orchards of apple, cherry and walnut trees, the use of spices and they fragrant aromas and the people are so friendly and welcoming. But in the summer it's more easy, the summit day is similar to most in that there is an early start and the terrain is mixed and you must be prepared in some places to trek over loose scree and some of the paths are rough in places, but this is a mountain and the views will complement you for your hard work as once on the summit you will be amazed at the striking landscape around.

type:Lodging houses
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accessibility:imlil - Marrakech - Morocco
CostOfDoubleForANight:200 Dh
address:imlil - Marrakech - Morocco

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