Ifrane Travel Guide

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Ifrane is a nice, and interesting place with pseudo-Alpine villas and large suburban streets. It was created by the French in 1929 and is probably one of the cleanest cities in Morocco. There is an interesting pre-fabricated feel about the place, however everything is expensive. The Al-Akhawyn, an American university funded by the US, Saudi Arabia and Morocco was built here in the early 1990s and is the best university (with the most resources) in Morocco.

Ifrane is full of life; impoverished, but joyful; free of advertising, but full of enterprising spirit. The oddities run on and on—despite having such a poor populace, it’s very clean as it hosts one of the kings palaces, nearly free of crime, and probably the best city in the northern Africa .

Mercifully, the city is light on tourists. This may be down to the time of year and the focus on the all-inclusive resorts, but I certainly appreciate it. The tourists that you do see are a great polyglot— moroccan seniors, foreign students, French and American volksporters.

The city is a photographer's dream--there are beautiful, unique sites no matter where you look. I've done my best to capture some of them, but my best isn't going to do much justice to what I’ve seen.  

It is only an half an hour away from the famous city fez, nature used the wild waters of the North atlas mountains to carve our little townsite, a natural observation deck for the mighty Ifrane Buttes, gateway to the magnificent waterfalls and a refreshing portal on the famous Ain vital. Here, hikers, cyclists, anglers and rock climbers have a world of choices for adventure and challenge. Lodging and dining are sumptuous in the pine air, which makes food taste better and sound sleep natural. Your soul is restored.

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