Top 5 Must Do's in Fez

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Most visitors only spend a few days in Fez when they should spend a month! This small quaint city has an abundance of activities ranging from sightseeing to long walks through windy cobblestone streets. The following is World 66’s Top 5 Must Dos in Fez:  

Merinid Tombs

Located just north of the Fez medina (city center), the Merinid Tombs host the ruins of a once effulgent 16th century palace and necropolis. Looted by thieves over the centuries, only the bare bones of the marble tombs remain. From here you can also get a stunning view of the city below.  Below the tombs are the old remains of the city’s wall. Built in the 12th century, the city walls were mean to defend the locals from the leper tribes that often invaded Fez.  

The Souks

You can’t go to Fez without cruising the souks, or the local markets, which feature unique crafts and wares, locally-made jewelry, steaming delicious food, slippers, carpets, spices, genie lamps and Aladdin-themed art. The whole area is inundated with history and attractive stalls, run by old ladies waiting to invite you in for sugared green tea. Right in the centre is the kissaria, where specialties of the Morocco, such as colorful, rich brocades and silks are sold. You can take a taxi to the Fez el-Bali and explore the souks by foot.

Fondouk el-Nejjarine

Declared a national monument in 1916, Fondouk el-Nejjarine, the most well known building in Fez, was built as a stopover for trading caravans in the 18th century.  Inside this beautiful building of gold arches and detailed marble fountains, you will find the Museum of Wood, which, as you guessed, displays unique and intricate wooden carvings that the Moroccans are known for. Carvings from the early 19th century as well as present day are on display. The building is near to the Henna Souk area of Fes el-Bali.

Dar el- Makhzen

An extravagant complex in the centre of Fes el-Jedid which still serves as residence to the current King of Morocco on visits, Dar el-Makhzen is surrounded by high walls with bronze doors and a domineering Moorish gateway. The lavishly decorated walls and doors are impressive just by themselves! There is also a garden, zoo, mosque and medersa (Koranic school). Until 1912 Fes el-Jedid was the administrative capital of the Morocco.


If you are in Fez during the month of June, take a bus, taxi, or motorbike to the nearby town of Sefrou. Summer is when the locals celebrate the harvest of the cherries, a three day festival in June. You will be asked to join in the festivities and the procession to the tomb of the prophet Daniel, located in the Kef el-Moumen Caves along the river. Culminating in a vibrant procession of the Cherry Queen, Sefrou’s June festival is not to be missed! If you are going other times of the year, you can see the local galleries and shops of this diverse and rich small city.  Folk dancing and singing occurs most nights in the medina, and often horse riders will randomly appear to show off their riding skills, magnificent horses, and beautiful, elaborate saddles.
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