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Very important mosque and university. Non mulsims can't enter, unfortunately. The University was the most important center of learning of the Maghreb for centuries. The mosque was founded in 857 by a woman from Kairouan in Tunisia. If you're not a muslim you can't go in, but you can peek through the open gates. knaperd: It was realy worth visiting this pretty city: frienly people, good food and a hot sun. I'd like to come again. Cheers! hamdouni-alami: just a mosque now.the university has been transferred to the new city :
In the 10th century it was aggrandized serval times and given the status of a university. It became one of the most important centers of muslim faith and teachings in the Arabic world. But the Kairaouyine university not just offered education in theological questions but also in sciences and the humanities. Even Pope Silvester is said to have studied here in the 10th century, and afterwards to have introduced the highly advanced Arabic mathemathics to Europe. Two of the most famous teachers were the geograph Ibn Battuta (1304-1377) and the historian Ibn Chaldoun (1332-1406).
In 1960 the faculties were moved to newly built universities all over the country.

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address:Fès El Bali, Adourat El Kairaouyine

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