Bab Boujeloud and Place Boujeloud

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The Bab Boujeloud is the entrance most tourists take to enter the medina.
Contrary to most sights in Fès El Bali, the Bab Boujeloud was not built in medieval times, but in 1913. On the inside it is decorated in green, the color of Islam. On the outside the prevailing faiences' color is blue, symbol of the city of Fès.

Peeping through the gate also can give you a first orientation, if the medina is new for you. The minaret that you see on the left belongs to the Medersa Bou Inania. The one on the right is the minaret of the mosque Sidi Lezzaz.

The large square in front of the Bab Boujeloud, the Place Boujeloud, is usually overcrowded with busses. When you take a rest and sit down in one of the tiny cafés, that edge the Place, you can watch loads of tourists descending from the coaches.

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