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> Relais  Hamada Of Drâa mhamid gueste house hotel

The Hamada relay of Drâa is located at the exit of the village, with the doors of the palm plantation. It is surrounded by some dunes and palmery.
You will be lodged in large wandering tents. These tents or “Khaïma”, constitute the traditional dwelling of the wandering family. Measuring from 6 to 7 meters on side, they are made bands bent out of woven wool.The ends are maintained by stakes driven in sand. The tent is closed by fabrics or covers which protect from the cold and sand. You will have of showers and bathroom.
You will be able to take time to traverse Kasba of M'Hamid and to discover her splendid traditiona

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Night in emergence desert
Ballade in cart
Rates relay > Chigaga bivouac
Midnight supper in chigaga
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Sahraoui ballade
Sahara meharee
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