Getting There in Fez

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There are four options to get in Fez.

1. By train

You find the train station in the Ville Nouvelle at ten minutes walk from the hotels around Place Mohammed V. To get in Fes El Bali you can take a petit taxi.

2. By bus

When traveling by bus you will probably arrive at the main bus station (tel. 05/636032) just north of Bab Mahrouk (Fes El Bali). The other possibility is that you arrive at the CTM Station on Av. Mohammed V in the Ville Nouvelle. If you planning to go to Marrakesh take the convenient night bus from Bab Ftouh.

3. Grand taxis

The grand taxis you are likely to find around Place Baghadi

4. By air

Fez has a rather little airport about 15 km of the city. To get there it's best to take a grand taxi (30dh for the taxi; 5dha place). Here you can take several internal flights and for other destinations you have to go to Casablanca.

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